In the sixties, the Philippine economy exhibited considerable growth where production expanded at a steady pace and the investment climate was regarded as generally favorable. Based on these sound economic considerations came the birth of the money market in the Philippines. More investment alternatives were offered to the public with the introduction of various money market instruments. By the early seventies, the money market had grown in size and sophistication, making the dealers and brokers realize the necessity for a medium through which they could professionalize their trade. Thus, in 1971, they banded together and formed an association whose aim was to foster cooperation and understanding among its members as well as between them and the agencies they dealt with in their normal course of business.

The Money Market Association of the Philippines, or MART for short, has come a long way since its humble beginnings. To date, the association has a total of 64 member institutions consisting of banks and non-bank financial institutions that actively trade fixed income securities in the market. The administrative structure is securely in place with a network of 12 highly-specialized working committees. The depth of its established communication links has provided avenues for discussion of relevant and vital issues affecting the industry.

The association as it is today did not evolve without its own growing pains. Major upheavals and significant events distinguished these years, and through it all, the MART has emerged as the responsive and dynamic body it is today, steadfast in the pursuit of its goals, and gearing up for the challenges of the future.

MART Objectives

The Money Market Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MART), is a non-stock non-profit corporation organized to provide an institutional medium by and through which the membership can collectively assist and cooperate with one another, the National Government and its appropriate agencies and instrumentalities in the promotion, development, expansion and regulation of a free and open market for debt, debt-securities and debt-related instruments and products.

MART Mission

Our mission is to be a key instrument in the development of the local interest rate markets to be at par with global standards, contributing to economic growth. In pursuit of our mission, we commit to our stakeholders the following:

To our members – We will serve as the institutional medium in addressing their collective needs in view of the changing financial environment.

To our regulators – We will actively participate in formulating relevant policies and procedures.

To our investing public – We will protect and educate the investing public by upholding ethical standards, transparency and use of best practices.

MART Vision

To be acknowledged as the prime mover in the development of the interest rate markets and be responsive to the needs of its members and publics.

MART Values

  • PROFESSIONALISM : Upholding the highest standards of competence in the industry
  • INTEGRITY : Maintaining high moral standards and ethic
  • PRO ACTIVITY : Being forward-looking and initiating actions
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : Sensitive to public interest and contributing to the upliftment of society
  • DYNAMISM : Ability to anticipate and respond to change
  • COMMITMENT : Determination in the pursuit of the association’s vision and mission